Structural Analysis

Our structural engineers will undertake the design of any structure regardless of location or function. We have the tools to conduct all levels of analysis for structures ranging from small steel buildings to full offshore platforms including jackets and topsides.

If you require basic and uncomplicated framework analysis for static loading then we will use lower cost software to keep your costs down.

Examples of the type of structural analyses we carry out generally for offshore structures are:

  • In-place Strength & Stability
  • Wave Induced Fatigue Analysis
  • Dynamic Modal & Frequency Response
  • Progressive Collapse
  • Seismic Analysis
  • Heavy Lifting / Installation Analysis for a Marine Environment
  • Pile Soil Interaction
  • Sea Transportation
  • Accidental Loading
    • Vessel / Ship Impact
    • Dropped Object
  • Joint and connection design (bolted or welded)

All analyses are checked against regulatory codes and standards as agreed with our clients.