Advanced 3D Modelling

We are experts in 3D modelling using industry leading software. Our main package is Solidworks as we have found this software to be the most versatile across a range of industries. We are confident that we can model anything because of our experience in the creation of complex geometry using the solid and surfacing tools available.

Design For Manufacture (DFM)

Years of experience with manufacturers has taught us that this is a critical relationship that leads to successful design. Our manufacturers become part of our Design Review Process to ensure that manufacturing issues are eliminated in the early stages. In most cases, the feedback from the manufacturer will become the driving part of the design.

Design For Assembly (DFA)

We constantly focus on designing for assembly as we frequently create large models with many parts. The most important part of designing an assembly with any number of components is the way they fit together. Our design process addresses assembly order, tolerances, maintenance, accessibility, speed and efficiency.